Planning - A Key To Successful Accomplishment!

What are you doing to set your daily goals?

Are they written and specific?

If not, WHY ?

Following is a survey of successful people and as you can see the difference between writing goals and keeping them in our heads is comparable to night and day. It is black and white, but for most of us the “how to” of goal setting was not explained. Thus we do not know the difference between a goal and an objective. As you can learn, the difference is dramatic! Objectives are a great place to start but then we need to define specific goals. After that is done, we can build a plan of action to take a step by step approach and take action everyday to reach the goal. Why not invest in yourself and learn how to write SMART – (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Tangible) goals to achieve your objectives?

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