Communication - The Human Connection

An exchange of ideas between people for the purpose of eliciting some kind of action. Attitudes are the foundation of communication which is a two-way process. A sender and a receiver are essential for effective communication. Demonstrate an attentive respectful attitude as you send and receive messages. Listen for the total message. Listen to words themselves, to the manner of delivery and to what is not said. Only about 10 percent of the message comes through words, 30 % is from sounds and 60% is by body language. Observe and evaluate body language, emotion, attitudes and any other external or internal factor that helps you understand the total message. Utilize open ended questions to clarify what you hear because everybody listens with their own attitudes and sometimes how we think, prevents us from hearing what was said. Do everything you can to eliminate the barriers and avoid the "communication breakdowns" that create stress and reduce productivity.

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