Minimizing Stress

Every leader experiences stress but why not make it constructive rather than destructive? A key to minimizing destructive stress is planning ahead and prioritizing. Clearly defined written goals with a step by step plan of action provides a number of benefits. First of all you always know where you are going which reduces a major fear – the fear of the unknown.

Obstacles are not perceived as threats because you have anticipated them and planned how they are to be handled. Making choices is simplified because your goals provide the guidelines. You work on first things first. Your time is focused on your highest payoff activities. Eliminate stress by setting up an organized system to keep up with the most important areas of your organization. Utilize clearly defined procedures with regular reports. This will reduce the surprises and when you listen to and observe your team, you can pick up hints of possible trouble spots before they materialize. Finally identify specific sources of stress so you can take appropriate action, in advance, to minimize and/or reduce the source. Learn to effectively manage time and set realistic deadlines. When you make stress work for you, it becomes a challenge. An opportunity to inspire people to act, achieve and perform well.

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