To Manage Anything, You Need To Measure

One of the most important roles of management is to determine what actions are producing results and what actions need to be changed because they are not achieving a successful conclusion. To determine the areas that are generating meaningful returns on investment, outcomes need to be quantified. Although in a world full of information leaders have come to learn that not all information is power, the best way to make correct decisions is with usable information. Successful organizations know which customers are purchasing and for what reasons. They measure their marketing to learn the programs that are working to generate inquiries. They have statistics that show the most worthwhile source and time for advertising. The sales manager has facts to know the best salespeople and who is best in resolving specific customer challenges. The CFO tracks collections to know the success her/his people obtain from their contacts. The operations manager knows the strengths of the team members. Based on the measurements in every area, management has a basis for the decisions they reach.

How are you doing with creating measurement for your goals? Do you have the numbers that show you what works and what doesn’t? The more information you can compile and the more accurate and current your information is, the more likely you are to be right. Without measurements, you are guessing and why guess when you can make a logical choice? Obviously with every decision there is an element of risk and as we know, one who never risks, never achieves but why not minimize the risk? Determine how you can see your progress towards the goal. Continually look at where you stand in relation to where you want to go. With feedback and tracking you can make adjustments as time passes. Sometimes you will need additional action steps. Other times you will find that what you expected to work needs to be changed, modified or possibly completely revised. Only by measuring can this be accomplished. Remember – If you can’t measure it . . . . you can’t manage it !

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