Goals For 2012

How about making this the best year of your life? As you can read in the prior blogs for November 2009 and November 2011, achievement starts with written and specific goals. So if you haven’t yet detailed what you want to accomplish and/or obtain by 12/31/12, what are you waiting for? How about setting that goal and scheduling time to take action in the next few days?

Write the goals and begin building a step by step plan of action to succeed. Since the only constant in life is change continually review your plan while never losing sight of the goal. Measure your progress and take additional action, as necessary, to overcome the obstacles and roadblocks that were not anticipated. Success this year, as well as every other, is up to you. Learning from your past experiences is valuable however you can also learn from the experience of millions of other people. A goal for this year might be to read (or listen to) one personal development book every month. It also could be to learn to play a musical instrument or plan a vacation. The choice is always yours however when you do nothing . . . nothing happens. As is often said, there is no time like the present to begin to make the future better.

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