Partial Listing of Clients

Our partial listing of clients includes Arrow Electronics, Austin Travel, Autuori Communications, Capital One, Citibank, Crest/Good Manufacturing, CW Post, Davis Vision, Depco, EGC Media Group, Ernst & Young, E. W. Gordon & Company, Executive Confidential, Marcum LLP, Montfort Healy McGuire & Salley PC, Pallets Unlimited, Precision Signs, Queensboro Community College, Ruskin Moscou Evans & Faltischek PC, S.A. Koenig & Associates, Sandata, Shell Oil, State Bank of Long Island, The United Way and Young Presidents’ Organization.


“I have just completed JASB’s Improving Performance & Results program with Jerry Siegel. Whatever expectations I had for the program going in, they have been far exceeded by specific gains I have already made. The program covers subjects we all think we understand – communications, goal-setting, teamwork, etc. –, but you quickly learn from the program, how much you don’t know. Then, guided by the curriculum and Jerry, you begin to understand the nuances and what specific actions you must take to be more effective, reach your business and personal goals and gain the life balance we all seek. I have already implemented new policies, procedures and systems based on what I have learned. They and this program are giving me a renewed sense of purpose and achievement. I feel ten times more productive in my 15-year old business and have gained more peace of mind and time to pursue my personal interests and goals.”

Donna M. Autuori, President
Autuori Corporate Communications, Inc.

“Jerry is the consummate professional, well -seasoned with years of frontline experience. More than the answers he knows the right questions to ask any leader to help him or her become more focused and effective. His training programs are thorough and exceptionally robust. Be assured that working with Jerry will challenge you to be your best!”

David O. Schwartz, President
Executive Confidential Inc.

“Jerry is a true professional – he is a result oriented professional who is proactive – he knows how to get the job done. He is a trusted resource to his friends and clients.”

Gary Anzalone, President
Precision Signs

“My income increased by more than thirty percent in the first year and continues to do so as a result of applying your training. I also have more time for family and recreational activities.”

Stephen A. Linker, CPA, CVA, CFF, DABFA
S. A. Linker & Associates

“I found the course to be very well designed. It put forth principles of managing a business as well as your life in a very logical, step by step process. You get a clear cut method to get what you want out of life.”

M. Gregory Minuto, CEO
Depco, Inc.

“You can teach old dogs new tricks. By creating SMART goals, I have been able to focus on what needs to be done. Over the past seven weeks, you have helped me in developing a path to success.”

Edward W. Gordon, President
E.W. Gordon & Company, Inc.

“I found the course and the mentoring to be most inspiring and worthwhile and I have become more organized and calm. I have learned that by taking the time to plan and set goals, results are obtained.”

Stephen A. Koenig CPA, Principal
S.A. Koenig & Associates