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All learning programs from JASB utilize a multi-sensory approach and were written by the individual who led a Company with materials currently facilitated in 23 languages in more than 75 countries. These include business planning, coaching, communication, employee motivation, goal setting, leadership, management and staff development, organizational development, strategic and business planning for administration, distribution, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, operations and sales.

Currently Available Learning Programs

Improving Performance & Results
Enhancing Your Personal and Organizational Productivity
Improving performance and results comes from a combination of right actions (behavior) and right thoughts (attitude). In addition, it requires investing time more effectively, collaborating with members of a team, communicating effectively, and setting and achieving goals.

– Improving Personal & Organizational Productivity
– Attitude is Everything
– Manage Yourself, Not Time
– Together Everyone Achieves More
– Mastering Intentional Communication
– The Role of Goals in Achievement

Getting Results Through Others
The Art of Developing & Managing Your Most Valuable Resource
Getting results through others is the key to growth, productivity improvement, and profit. Anyone who manages or supervises anyone else can benefit from the action-packed ideas in this program. Participants will learn to improve productivity, motivate people to produce, delegate, and build a high performance team.

– Helping Team Members Be Productive
– Authority and Influence
– Activity and Results
– Clarify Goals and Expectations
– Motivating People to Produce
– Training Techniques That Work
– Decision Making & Problem Solving
– Creating Synergistic Teamwork

Improving Organizational Results
A Foundation for Increasing Productivity & Profitability
Designed to help executives and their team members identify barriers and overcome challenges to achieve workplace excellence. Leaders who desire to continuously improve will benefit from insight gained in the action plan in this program. Participants will learn to increase team motivation while implementing practices, procedures and processes to deliver quality and superior service.

– Organizational Achievement Factors
– Improving Organizational Results
– Implementing Your Goals Process
– Identifying Your Most Important Goals
– Developing Your Action Plan
– Ensuring Greater Success

Developing the Heart of a Champion
A Blueprint for Personal Leadership
This program is ideal for anyone who wants to have a more successful life, no matter how successful their life has been up to now. You will learn how to develop and improve the eight characteristics needed to have a more successful life. You will also learn how to better utilize these characteristics, identify your most important goals in every area of your life, and develop a personal plan of action for their achievement.

Eight Characteristics     Personal Plan of Action
– Flaming Your Desire     – Where I Stand Now
– Winning Attitudes     – Where I Want To Go
– Increasing Your Confidence     – How I’m Going To Get There
– Building Your Belief     – Action Plans
– Planning for Your Future     – Affirmations and Visualization
– Clarifying Your Goals     – Tracking Results
– Developing Your Perseverance     – Accomplishments
– Guarding Your Integrity    

Coaching for Improved Performance & Results
Enhancing the Human Connection
Improved results come from improved performance and improved performance requires behavior change. With effective coaching, people can and will make major improvements. Effective coaching involves using appropriate techniques in the following areas:

– Improving Performance & Results
– Motivation
– Communication
– Clarifying Goals and Expectations
– Positive Reinforcement
– Keeping Score
– Conducting Coaching Sessions

Natural Selling Process
Build strong relationships quicker!
Get more sales for the same effort! Shorten your sales cycle!
Whether you are new to sales or been selling your entire career, if you are not making the progress you would like to be making and are capable of making in sales, you will want to participate in the Natural Selling Concepts program. Natural Selling Concepts will show you how to apply timeless principles to your own personal style so you can do your best in each step.

– Finding New Business
– Building Productive Relationships
– Conducting Effective Sales Interviews
– Working Through Objections
– Closing Sales
– Controlling Your Success
– Ensuring Greater Success

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