JASB e-Newsletter Fall 2013

For businesses in many industries, the fourth quarter (Q4) represents a hard push to close any lingering new business before year’s end. When Q4 happens to coincide with improving fundamentals in an industry, the motivation to capture growing opportunities is even greater. But what can executives and professionals do to keep their staff fully-engaged through the end of the year and capitalize on market opportunities. The answer lies in how they lead, communicate and motivate their teams.

2014 Profitability Conference: Internal Ops – Finding the “Itch” in Operations

At the upcoming “2014 Profitability Conference,” you will have the opportunity to learn the latest techniques and insights on critical operational matters from prominent members of business, industry and the media. Among the speakers will be JASB Management, Inc. President, Jerry S. Siegel, who will discuss “Leadership: What is your time worth?”

JASB e-Newsletter Summer 2013

Each summer, business executives, professionals and their employees, look to the season for some rest and relaxation. Scheduling vacations and extra golf or tennis dates is not unusual, especially given the Long Island seasons. While all that is well and good, summer is also a great time for other initiatives designed to improve productivity, build and/or leverage your network, and learning something new.

JASB e-Newsletter Spring 2013

Did you know that each day, each of us conveys an average of between 100 to 300 messages including those we intended to convey, those we actually did convey and those we conveyed unknowingly?

Did you know that we only hear about 50% of what is communicated and understand only 50% of those messages?

Did you know that the words we choose when communicating represent only a small component of our communication and that the tone we use and our body language (when communicating in person) carries more weight than the words we use?

JASB e-Newsletter Winter 2013

With 2013 in front of us, we have opportunities to improve our performance and increase our success. Integral to both are how well we manage some very basic things, starting with time. First, let’s dispel a common myth about time management. The truth is since we cannot manage time; we need to manage ourselves. The focus should be on how we use our time to increase productivity.