The ABC's of Improving Your Life

Awareness + Acceptance + Action=Change
Believe in yourself, your children, others, your country, a higher power & that all things are possible
Celebrate everyday as the gift: THE PRESENT
Determination to be the best you can be
Enthusiasm for life, loving, learning, sharing
Faith that God in His infinite wisdom is always with you
Gratitude for life’s simple pleasures & the many blessings we have
Health is balance of mind, body and spirit
Inspiration: embrace & cultivate your spirit
Just do it!
Kindness: practice random acts of it
Love: where there is love there will always be great miracles (Willa Cather)
Miracles happen all the time; expect them
Nature is God’s art (Dante): honor and appreciate it
Opportunity may be disguised as a crisis: look for it!
Pray for peace and everything else
Quit-omit it from your vocabulary
Reverence for all living things
Serenity can be achieved; it’s an inside job!
Talent-develop a natural ability you have as a tribute to your soul
Understanding makes for better relationships
Venture from what is “safe” into a future empowered by trust and faith; take a risk!
Wisdom & willingness to accept the things you cannot change & change the things you can
Xtra effort equals extra payoffs
Yearn to embrace a more meaningful set of priorities
Zest for living, loving and sharing

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