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  • Who can benefit from JASB training and coaching services?
    Individuals most likely to benefit from the coaching and training services include those who are leaders responsible for obtaining results through the people they manage and supervise. All types of companies and organizations can benefit from JASB’s management training programs. JASB guarantees results—the average return on investment for all clients is six to one in just a few weeks.
  • How do I know JASB will work for my business?
    All companies can benefit from JASB’s management training programs. Every individual can benefit from learning how to write SMART®* goals and productivity and communication training. The effects on the organization are quick and measurable.
  • Does JASB work with small businesses?
    Yes, JASB can produce significant results for businesses of all sizes. In small businesses, training a greater proportion of the employees can often have a greater impact on results more quickly than in larger organizations.
  • Does JASB work for individuals?
    Yes, JASB can have a dramatic impact on your personal productivity. In just a few weeks, you will acquire tools to achieve things that have been out of your grasp. Achieving greater success is a dream you don’t have to defer.
  • Why do I need to invest in my people?
    People are your greatest and most expensive asset. As important, it has been found that without adequate training and development, the average person only uses between 15 and 20% of their potential while high achievers only use about 33%.
  • What happens when my senior management resists being told they will participate?
    A certified training professional meets one-on-one with every executive and asks them questions to help them to see how the employer’s investment will help them benefit personally as well as professionally.
  • My people are already good!
    We only work with successful people and organizations. We help them to become even more successful. The largest room in the world is the room for improvement, and the greatest enemy of excellence is good. * SMART® is a training process where clients learn how to write their specific, measurable, attainable, realistic with a timeline goals.

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