The Seven C’s for Improving Performance and Results

Your ability to communicate can make or break relationships and your relationships can make or break your performance and results. Your important relationships could include those with bosses, direct reports, co-workers, customers or clients, vendors, regulators, family, and friends. Relationships are built on trust and trust is developed over time and based on feedback. Do you do what you say you will do? Can people depend on you? Can you depend on them? Are you reliable? Are they?

Your performance is determined by your behavior and your behavior is determined by your thoughts. Unclear thoughts produce unclear results, at best. Usually unclear thoughts produce NO results or POOR ones. The clearer you are with your goals, objectives, and expectations, the better you will perform and the better your results will be.

For anything to improve, something has to change. It is common for people to want their results to improve, but they are not willing to change. For performance and results to improve, you have to be willing to improve – or change.

Without commitment, there is hesitancy, procrastination, inaction and low or no results. Make a commitment to improve your performance and results.

Very little, if anything, can be accomplished without the help of other people through cooperation or teamwork. Be a good team player.

Successful, productive people develop the habit of being consistent on the basics – those activities and behaviors that produce the desired results. Strive to be consistent in your activities and behaviors.

Most people cannot improve significantly without the help of a good coach who offers encouragement, feedback, training, and support. Find a coach who motivates you.

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