Vision & Execution

Two essential requirements for effective leadership of Long Island’s businesses are the ability to see where the organization needs to go and then help the team to take it there. To achieve success leaders must possess many management and people skills. First they must embrace change because anything that remains the same will likely become extinct or useless. Knowing what the future holds when it cannot be seen is very challenging. With an attitude of focusing on continuous improvement, while keeping current on world and business events and asking her/his people for ideas and suggestions a direction can be established. This requires time to envision and think while knowing the strengths of the operation. Planning and goal setting then need to follow to provide the steps that need to be taken to get where the leader wants to go. As the plan is executed, progress toward goals must be tracked and modifications made as necessary. Obstacles and roadblocks will occur and they can be overcome by developing ideas and implementing actions to go over, under, around or thru or by changing the approach. So vision needs to be a continual part of the process while executing. Flexibility is important as is communicating and motivating. To achieve success the leader is responsible for keeping the team on track and excited about the end results. Having a positive attitude helps however most important is constantly recognizing the value of the people who are carrying out the work to deliver the intended vision.

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