Life's Challenges

Are you facing a challenge, issue, obstacle or roadblock to achieve any of your goals? Do you feel overwhelmed or paralyzed? If this describes you, then the ability to get started may be the most difficult part. After all, there are only two reasons we don’t reach our goals. Either we do not start or we do not finish. The solution is a step by step approach. Break the problem (defined as the difference between a goal and a result) into small manageable parts and follow six steps.

  1. Identify the overall challenge.
  2. Ascertain specific reasons or causes why it exists.
  3. Determine what actions need to be taken to rectify the reasons and then create a strategy.
  4. Execute your strategy.
  5. Ask for help which is a sign of strength and makes resolution easier.
  6. Measure your results. If the first solution doesn’t work, execute the next one.

Every problem you pinpoint is an opportunity to change an attitude (habit of thought), develop new skills, enhance existing talent, inspire, lead and motivate others.

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